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Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical Questions Commonly asked by our clients.


For remodels where walls are open and we can get a clear estimation, we can give a bid or do time and material.

Time and material is when the customer pays for the materials used and the labor cost for our electricians.

GFCI stands for “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter”.

AFCI stands for “Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter.”

GFCI outlets and breakers protect you from dangerous shocks by shutting off the circuit when the amperage going into the circuit is different than the amperage leaving the circuit. 

AFCI outlets and breakers protect your home against fires by sensing when an electrical arc is about to occur and instantly disconnects the damaged circuit before the arc builds enough heat to catch fire.

We are a one-stop-shop for residential electrical services. New construction, remodels, or home improvements – we are experienced, equipped, and skilled to do it all.

Electrical panel upgrades,
Lighting installations,
Ceiling fan installations,
Electrical re-wiring,
Electrical installations,
and much more…

The different colors of electrical tape are simply an indication for electricians to know what wire is what. Most electrical wires are usually in black insulation. Not having distinct markings is dangerous because certain wires need to be connected at certain points in your electrical panel. 

Not every home repair will need you to call a licensed professional. By having a few simple tools in a tool box you can save big by doing your own home repairs.

A simple toolbox will look like this:

-Plier Set
-Screw Driver Set
-Diagonal Cutters
-Set of Channel Locks
-Needle nose pliers
-Box cutter
-Stud Finder
-Drill (corded or battery powered)
-Drill bits set
-Tape Measure
-Wrench Set
-Socket Set
-Tool Box

These tools will help you repair common issues that appear around your home.

The amounts charged by electricians on Maui vary. You’ll be paying a lot more if the company has a large staff and overhead. Licensed electricians doing side-work as lone professionals will charge anywhere between $40-$70 per hour depending on the type of service.

The biggest problem for adding outlets to a room or house is getting power to it.

Adding an outlet means adding wire. Between the studs in your wall, blocking, other electrical wires, and insulation, adding another outlet is a bigger project than it seems.

Depending on the home owner’s preference, this can be done for cheap, or to match the original walls of the home. 

What you see is just the tip of the iceberg. There are things in the wall and other factors that must be taken into account when working with a finished area.

We do our best to keep a clean work area while working but make sure to do a thorough cleaning after completing any job. Drop cloths to catch big debris, vacuums to get the finer dust, and wipes to leave our work area cleaner than when we arrived. 

Yes! All our electricians are licensed in the state of Hawaii. They’re required to complete 10,000 hours of field work and 5 years of electrical trade school before being able to take the licensing exam.



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